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My name is Amy C. and I have been a member of Circle of Hope since 2013. I was lucky to have been a part of Circle of Hope pretty much from the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My first meeting was the day before I would start my five months of chemotherapy. My cousin had a close friend who had been in my position just a year or two before and she reached out to me to join Circle of Hope.

Not only do I receive the emotional support that I need but, Circle of Hope was able to help me out financially when I needed to get to my treatments and I couldn’t afford car repairs. The stress of getting my treatments and then also worrying about car repairs on top of it was very difficult.  Circle of Hope was able to make those days a little smoother for me.

This group has helped so many women financially with paying their medical bills, buying wigs, paying for medicine, helping with utility bills, food and even helping to make rent or house payments.

Many other women in Kenosha and Racine and I have been so very fortunate that Circle of Hope is here for us.

I hope that Circle of Hope can continue to raise the money that is needed to provide funds to women who are faced with a breast cancer diagnosis and may be strapped financially. ~Amy C. 


Statement: 100% of your donation stays in Kenosha and Racine helping these women financially. COH helps women with medical bills, gas to get to treatments, medicines, personal items needed during surgery and chemo. We issue grocery store gift cards for food for them and their family when they are unable to work for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.


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