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During my five years and counting of cancer survivorship, I have found that it can feel like everyone around me has moved on and forgotten I ever had cancer, while I'm still left with bad memories of the past and fears for the future.  As survivors, cancer is a big part of our lives and it's impossible for us to forget, especially when we are reminded by news, stories, fundraising events, annual scans and check-ups, and so on.  And while all this is going on inside our heads, none of it is showing on the outside, so to the rest of the world we seem fine.  But we're not always fine. 

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Join us at the 7th Annual Circle of Hope Auction!

COH-Timeline_020620.png Circle of Hope Kenosha, a support group for local women battling breast cancer founded by survivor, Debbie Misurelli, will hold its seventh annual Circle of Hope...

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A strong support group is invaluable to share encouragement and stories of hope when dealing with breast cancer. 

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