Before He called her home

Before He called her home......


God blessed Jana with inner and outer beauty from the moment she was born.  Her soul was brilliant with sunshine and her warmth touched everyone in its path.


He used her generous heart to reach out and touch others.  She served the hungry, cared for families in need and insprired others to do the same.  He gave her the passion to help those with caner even before her diagnosis.  Calling her to co-lead Kenosha's Relay for Life and then to create a support group for young women like herself that were battling breast cancer.


He gave her courage and strength to face her illness.  He also gave her determination and grace.  The determination to fight with everything she had and the grace to never once ask the question, "Why me?"


Thought her journey on earth has ended the legacy she leaves will never end.  The legacy of helping others on their journey; sharing her knowledge about the importance of early detection and never giving up hope goes on in the members of Circle of Hope Breast Cancer Support Group.


                                                                                                           Jana Maegaard

                                                                                              November 30, 1970 - February 11, 2008

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